Sirvan Khosravi


Sirvan Khosravi is a prominent Pop/Rock Singer/Producer/Keyboardist based in Iran, best known for his sophisticated productions and the fresh sound he introduced to Iran’s music scene, breaking off from the traditional atmosphere which had previously dominated the industry.

He started his career in music by producing, mixing and mastering songs for other artists, working behind the scenes and quickly building a reputation as one of the best producers and engineers in Iran all the while working on his own music, developing his sound and working on records that would go on to become big hits. Some of his hits include “Tanha Nazar”, “Doost Daram Zendegiro (I Love Life)", “Khaterate to (Memories of You)”, “Soojehat Tekrarie” and “Ghabe Akse Khali”, which immediately became sensations among the young audience in Iran.

Among the artists associated with him are Kaveh Yaghmaei (his close friend and inspiration) who is a well-known and highly respected guitarist, singer and songwriter, and Sirvan’s brother Xaniar Khosravi, who is also a popular singer/songwriter and works both as a solo artist and as a member of the band “Ehaam”.
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